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Volume 11, Issue 46

Volume 11, Issue 46, Autumn 2015, Page 1-324

The Relationship between Organizational Justice and all of Organizational Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors and their impact in Achieving High Performance for Organizations A survey of the views of a sample of non-governmental commercial bank staff in Karbala

THE IRAQI MAGAZINE FOR ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES, 2015, Volume 11, Issue 46, Pages 217-266

Sought this research is to determine the relationship between organizational justice and all of the organizational commitment and behaviors of organizational citizenship and their impact in achieving high performance organizations application in the Iraqi our organizations and in order to achieve this purpose, the researcher adopted the dimensions of organizational justice (distributive justice, justice procedural and interactive justice) based on the equality theory for (Adam 1965), and the dimensions of organizational commitment (affective commitment and continuous commitment and normative commitment) based on (Meyer & Allen, 1990), and the dimensions of the behavior of organizational citizenship (altruism, civility, conscientiousness, sportsmanship, civilized behavior) according to (Organ, 1988), and also has been adoption of the dimensions of high performance (quality management, long-term commitment, openness and effective approach, continuous improvement, the quality of the labor force) based on (DeWaal,etal.,2014). Were selected range of commercial private banks staff / Karbala branch of a field to search through a questionnaire form included 60 employees at the surveyed banks, as well as personal interviews, as well as personal interviews. It has been used correlation coefficient (Spearman), and test (t) to see significant relationship between the variables, and test (F) to determine the moral regression equation, has also been used (R²) to explain how the impact of the independent variable on the dependent variable. One of the main conclusions that have been reached is that there is a close and active role between organizational justice and all of the regulatory and organizational citizenship behaviors commitment to the achievement of high performance banks, research has concluded a number of recommendations, including the following:
1. focus towards the workers organizational justice Perceiveddirect impact on the show required to work and the consolidation of citizenship behaviors among workers commitment to their contribution to achieving high performance of their organizations.
2. work to strengthen the commitment necessary to achieve high performance through the application of various types of organizational justice.
3. work to strengthen citizenship behaviors necessary to achieve high performance by rewarding those behaviors in different ways.
4. support positive organizational values in the work environment, such as justice, equality, participation and loyalty at the bank level so as to contribute to efforts to improve the performance levels of employees.
5. focus on promoting the spirit of cooperation and assistance among employees to gain access to the altruistic behavior that achieves high performance.

Organizational Virtuousness as Moderated Variable for The Relationship Between Perceived Organizational Support and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Analytical Research to a Sample Opinions from Employees in Cement Plant of Karbala

THE IRAQI MAGAZINE FOR ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES, 2015, Volume 11, Issue 46, Pages 267-307

The current research aims to determine the role of organizational virtuousness as a moderated variable for the relationship between perceived organizational support and organizational citizenship behavior, as was measure of the organizational virtuousness variable based on scale (Cameron, 2003) was measure of perceived organizational support based on (Eisenberger et al., 1986) as was the adoption of a scale (Organ, 1988) to measure the organizational citizenship behavior, has been selected cement plant of Karbala a field to search through a questionnaire form included (113) employee from managerials and technicians. In order to test the research hypotheses were use of confirmatory factor analysis (structural equation modeling) and some descriptive statistics, correlation analysis and simple regression analysis and hierarchical multiple regression analysis and the adoption method of Moderation Analysis . Has been reached to a set of conclusions that the most important organizational virtuousness variable modifies or enhances the influential relationship between perceived organizational support methods actually adopted by the administration and organizational citizenship behavior being followed by employees to the level of the internal environment in the plant , research has concluded anumber of appropriate recommendations..