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Issue 32,

Issue 32

Tknustratejah information management and its role in achieving sustainable competitive technological advantage A prospective study of a sample of Arab and foreign organizations

alla farhan talib; jinan mahdi shahid


The information management techno-strategy is one of vital and important topics, in response to the accelerating growth and change in all areas of life as it is one of the main resources of various organizations that require the necessities of updated and changed in order to achieve its strategic goals and enhance technological competitive advantage.
This study sought to determine the components of information management techno-strategy and indicators of sustainable technological competitive advantage in terms of the relationship and effect in accordance with survey study in a sample of Arabic and foreign business organizations.
The study provided the basis for the theory of information management techno-strategic and sustainable technology competitive advantage, as well as to identify the nature of the correlations and influence between the variables of the study. The study relied on a set of hypotheses and sub-relations of the existence of a link between the moral and the impact of techno-strategic management of information and technological competitive advantage at the macro level and at the level of dimensions. Hence, the problem of the study embodied in the fundamental question that ((Do information management techno-strategy role in the achieving sustainable technology competitive advantage in the organization)).
This study also seeks to achieve among other objectives, including:
1- Knowing how business organizations to adopt a sample study of the concept of information management techno-strategic with its indicators and its role in achieving sustainable technological competitive advantage.
2- Determining the relationship between the impact of information management techno-strategic with its indicators and dimensions of sustainable technological competitive advantage in business organizations.
For the purpose of achieving the objectives of the study was based scenario defines the nature of the relationship between the independent variables ( information management techno-strategic) and changes approved (sustainable technological competitive advantage) and emerged from his hypotheses President has been derived hypotheses subset show the contrast between business organizations discussed in the variables of the study and the relationship and influence between them.
For the purpose of the application of this study in the field and test hypotheses has been selected sample of organizations by Arab and foreign facing the challenges of highly competitive because of its achievements and innovations of science have an impact effectively contributes to a large extent in the application of new mechanisms are flexible and facilitate the process of dealing mutual between individuals and business organizations.

Enhance the mental status of the banking service through internal marketing practices An Empirical Study in a sample of private banks in the province of Baghdad

qasan qasem dawood; hussain ali abdulrasoul; hussam hussain sheaeaa


The present study has been trying to promote mental status carried by the customer for the service obtained from private banks, was based on one of contemporary technologies in the field of marketing which is based on the skill of the human resource through some of the practices that frame in the field of internal marketing as a contemporary concept can be alleviated wave challenges faced by Iraqi banks, and the selection of a sample of four civil banks operating in the city of Baghdad, and used the questionnaire as the main tool to collect data from individuals working in these banks. The researchers used a set of statistical tools as (the arithmetic mean, and standard deviation, Cronbach alpha coefficient, test T, and F-test) for the analysis of the data collected through the sample answers to the questionnaire. The study concluded with a set of conclusions and recommendations reached by the results of the field study and the most important, and there is significant correlation between internal marketing procedures and the ability to portray a good mental place in the mind of the customer service provided. The study also provided some recommendations for a study sample of banks, mainly the need to promote a culture of marketing among workers without exception, to establish one of the most important contemporary marketing assets, which stipulates that the customer is Mr., which is always right.

IT recruitment in improving the quality of banking service Empirical Study comparison between government and private banks

ali kareem khafaji


strengthening there activities and develop performance levels in order to fulfill their goals and needs with successfully and competence. Thus ,banking Organizations ,in particular ,become able to adopt the main principles of information Technology ,use the tools required for maintaining the traditional strategies in bank works ,and to make better changes in their services which are given to the customers . This study deals with investigating information technology which represents the independent variable with for(including machines and tools, programmers, communications ,and human resources) as well as investigating the dependent variable, in its dimensions (which include Reality, responsiveness', Accessibility , Competence , Communications, Credibility , Understanding Customer , Security , Tangibles) descriptive and analytic methods .It also compares the importance of the variables identified and interpret the role of information Technology in reinforcing the performance of bank services. In addition ,the study aims to answer creation questions according to which the theoretical part of the study is based ,and to reform nine hypotheses that test the ties in terms of their relations ,difference ,
and effect .
The study is based upon a number of ready-made international meters. which are developed .The data are collected from(87)workers and costumers in six governmental and public bank ,by means of depending developed statistical, descriptive, and prescriptive techniques based on(SPSS 10) order.

Rational expectations and some of its applications in macroeconomic

monathel abbas hussain


Rational expectations consider the outcomes of advanced cash school (school of chicago) ,and studied of the macro economics or stystemic and are at the core expectations about the face of economic variables and economic polices such as monetary policy and interest rate and phillips curve and others, aimed to clarify the study of rational expectations and a statement important and unique features and formats (Kamaljp rariff ),and through the linked tools ,statistical and econometric models of behavior of the variables Altsadwi economic models and simultaneous equations linear fortuitum and fitness models and formulas Such as statistical probability density function so as to economic decision-making in,The future depending on building economic decisions to the past with the assumption that there is achange Large in economic variables or economic odels under study, the outlook Be rational (self), where the expectations of individuals or units inthefuture Large in economic variables or economic models under study, the outlook,Be rational (self), where the expectations
applyto,And their behavior (Outlook objective) be the adoption of
Tsiig appropriate economic, and the hypothesis of rational expectations be realizedequal expectations
Subjective and objective.

Simple methods to build optimal equity portfolios

maitham rabee hadi


Several models (factor models and group models) were developed to simplify the inputs to the Markowitz's portfolio selection problem. Each of these models makes an assumption about why stocks co-vary together. Each lead to a simplified structure for the correlation matrix or covariance matrix between securities. These models were developed to cut down on the number of inputs and simplify the nature of the inputs needed to forecast correlations between securities. The use f these models was expected to lead to some loss of accuracy in forecasting correlations, but the ease of using the models was expected to compensate for this loss of accuracy. However, empirically confirm that when fitted to historical data, these simplifying models result in an increase, not a decrease, in forecasting accuracy. The models are of major interest because they both reduce and simplify the inputs needed to perform portfolio analysis and increase the accuracy with which correlations and covariances can be forecast. This paper is discussed several simple rules for optimal portfolio selection. Its reached to many of conclusions, most important among them is these simple techniques (which are based on the single index model and constant correlation model) allow the portfolio manager to quickly and easily determine the optimum portfolio. Furthermore, the manager uncertain about some of the estimates can easily manipulate them in order to determine if reasonable changes in the estimates lead to a different selection decision. This paper is reached to many recommendations, most important among them is that financial assets should be evaluated on the basis of their expected returns and risk and that portfolio expected return and risk can be calculated based on these inputs and the covariances involved. Calculation of portfolio risk is the key issue. Since the complete Markowitz covariance analysis is very complicated and needed to huge calculations, investors and portfolio managers working in the Iraqi stock exchange should be use the single factor model or constant correlation model to simplify and reduce quantity and quality of inputs needed to the analysis, especially these simplifying models are merit confirmed on the both theoretical and practical levels.

The impact of the work ethic in the organizational excellence An Empirical Study of Public Administration and Rasheed Bank branches

mohammad hussain aljonabi; saad abid aber


Work ethic has become an organizational resource of paramount importance in achieving organizational excellence, and business organizations seeking to consolidate these ethics in organizational culture and requiring workers to the outward ethics distinct formulas determine proper handling of customer relationship management. Have been identified for the purposes of this research work ethic as the direction of management and behavior towards employees and customers, and has to do with the organization within the community, as well as the relationship with the laws and government legislation and classifications The organizational excellence, it points above the levels of knowledge that reflect the performance of employees and the organization and achieve their goals and relationships with others held in and the customer in particular. The research sample deliberate of (39) staff in the Department workforce and AL-Rasheed Bank branches For the purposes of statistical and Mathematical analysis has been addressed (26) questionnaire was obtained from the sample and the analysis showed a statistically significant relationship splash and work ethics of the unexamined organizational excellence as well as the analysis specific and personal to members of the sample has research found that the results of the work is the most important factor of organizational excellence and the focus of banking management, which stresses the need for the nomination and the development of concepts of justice and public welfare departments in the bank subsidiary and the insurance regulatory climate to achieve this.

Read the investor's point of view of the content of the announcement of earnings Study of a sample of investors in the Amman Stock Exchange Securities

arshad foud altamemi; rayan yusef naoom


This research aims to investigate the information content of Earning announcement, and the Investor perception level. And this information content is renewed in form and quality of the accounting and un-accounting information, which contributes in the improvement of the ability to read the implied messages included in the earnings announcements.
In this paper, two main hypotheses has been adopted to explain the Investor perception level; the first concerns the level of investor's perception of the information content in the earnings announcement, the second determines the different perception among the sample.
The analysis of the results indicates that there is a high level of perception for the information content by the investor, as well as identifying no different Investor perception level except one area .
Key word: Earning Content , Earning Surprise , Problem Agency , Consensus Forecasts .

Measure and assess the quality of banking services Exploratory research in the Warka Bank for Investment and Finance - Basra

asaad alkhafaji; safaa aljazayery; ali ghabash mohammad


The quality of service is one of the most important area in banking services sector, the search in the level of the general services quality, and search specially banking services, which dependent on scientific research method , by using SERVQUAL scale, which adapted by Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry in 1985, 1988, this scale contains five dimensions (Tangible, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance and Empathy), in addition the a questionnaire involved (22) paragraph represent these dimensions, which translate aspects of service quality, in order to measures banking service quality in AL-Warka-bank, the results of this article refers to positive direction in level of banking services quality about(Tangible, Reliability, Responsiveness) Dimensions, but below ambition level, and Negative direction in the level of banking services quality about Assurance and Empathy dimensions, in addition there is some difference in importance which dependent from research sample to any variables from mean variable.

Monetary policy implications in the indicators of stock market trading (U.S. Empirical Study for the period 1990 - 2010 / Using models of underdevelopment time)

abbas kathim aldaami


Paper markets play a significant role in setting the bases for economic development that is stable because such markets are regarded as the important channels to ratify and apply monetary policies which are considered the basic goal for the latter to achieve monetary stability and the fight of rising unemployment levels. This makes the monetary policies a measure for success of such policies. They are also regarded a basis for local investment and drawing foreign investment. The choice of the US as a case study is because of two reasons; the first is that because NY market is the biggest market; the second lies in the ability of Federal Bank of applying its monetary policies which are regarded a world patter. Hence, the choice of the most significant policy monetary influences of the US which are Money display, interest price, and the most significant monetary indicators which is the general price indicator and also the market value indicator, and the circulation size. The study also adds an independent variable Resented by the Time backwardness represented by the past stocks prices. The standard results reflecting circulation indicators (relied variables) its response to changes occurring in displaying money and also in previous stocks and eliminating the impact of the other variable which is the price interest because it is related to the money display indicator. The study also proves the role of the monetary variable and the motion of previous indicators of circulation of NY paper markets>
The standard results reached, push in the direction of the possibility of using monetary policy in influencing economic activity via the paper market channel and through the impact of circulation indicators.

The impact of the global financial crisis in the Iraqi market for securities, a field study

abdulhussain jasim alasadi; mahmoud fahad aldalemi; ahmid mohammad shahid


The world economy underwent various financial crises in the last two centuries .These crises burdened the world economy which already suffered lots of continuous or temporary trouble.
The last financial crises which completes the series of crises is due to the immerse development in the world and in all fields , which made the world to be a small village being rapidly and directly effected by what is brought about in every part of it .
The effects of this crises is spread vastly in most of the countries round the world .
The study aims at standing at the effects of this crises and its reflection in the Iraqi economy represented by Iraqi stock market , based on the hypothesis that “there is no effect of the crises on the Iraqi stock market “ The study presents a number of recommendation in the light of the conclusions reached at .

Electronic accounting and its impact on decision-making in commercial banks             (Field study in Iraq's commercial banks)

abdulkarim abdulghani


This research aims to showing the effect of electronics accounting for decisions making in commercial banks, which the researcher hypothesized that, and he depended at Arabic and English resources in accountancy, also he prepared a questionnaire form. The research concluded that the importance of electronics accounting in banking through quickly extraction the financial statement and the accuracy, reliability for information, and advantage for take appropriate decisions in banking work. The research recommendations to dependence at specialist technician accountants to preparation e-accounting statements, and modernism and development programs in accounting information systems according as status standing in banks.

Estimate productivity concrete work teams in the city of Karbala

ali abdulhussain mohammad; bashir ahmed mahdi


The knowledge of production of team concrete work in one day work play important role in estimation the cost of achievement of reinforced and unreinforced concrete depend on the plans and maps which are need to be execution.
To reduce this cost, it's important to study the positive effects for increasing the production, we prepared a form of statements distributed on (10) ten of concrete work team in center of Karbala included questions about numbers and ages of proficient and un-proficient labors season of work, paragraph of work,…..etc.
The designing of this form depend on field of rounds for concrete team in the site of work, and the experience from numbers of civil engineers and lectures specialized in statistics and engineers, to ensure the correspondence the form to actual work.We make statistically analysis for the statements to estimate the production of this team and determine the effects on production.
The data that we got it was recorded with discussion and conclusion in the research.

Over the use of the financial statements in evaluating the performance of service organizations  A comparative analysis of the financial statements at the University of Muthanna For the years 2008 -2009

mohammad samer dahyreb


The studying had appeared negative and positive conditions on financial statement which were obligated by the service establishments. One of them al muthana University. The studying had appeared positive sides It tried to be away of it or avoided it if possible. Some of it to keep much cash liquidity to clarify and compromise accounts of imprest and secretariats as possible to discover the fixit assets and the one which was rolled in the financial position to discover the size of the expenditure for the downward construction of consisting sums for the investment projects at the financial position. So the positive sides are necessary to get an enough important financing. Because it contributes to cover and deal for the actuating consumptions. Also it contributes for developing and building operations. Therefore the period of the work by expending all the observed benefits as well and getting of what it was allocated for the university from the sums as well to allocate year balance. Although the cash flaw position has got necessary depending for the comparing numbers for this list of its important of discovering the cash inflow in it and outflow and ranging its contribution with operation of taking the right decision.

The impact of information technology to enhance the effectiveness of strategic decisions A field study in a sample of commercial banks in the province of Karbala

adel abbas abd hussain


The Study aims to Determined Relationship and Impact of Information Technology (Computer , Programmers , Data Bases , Communication and Networks , Applications ) in Sample from Banks in Karbala Governorate , In Order to Achieve The Aims of The Study , It is Divided to (5) Chapters , The First for Study Methodology , The Second Contains Theoretical Review for Study Variables , The Third Represent Description and Diagnosis Study Variables , The Forth Show The Data Analysis and Discuss The Applicant Results , While The Fifth Refers to Some Conclusion and Recommendation , in Clued of The Study Sampling (40) Employees in The Concerning Departments , Results Refer of Statistics Analysis to Be Sure of Hypothesis Rightness Absence , The Study Arrive at Several from Recommendations to Stress Necessity Prepare all Requirements Informations Technology Because Main Channel to Increase Effectiveness of Strategic Decisions .

Strategic thinking and its impact on quality of service banking Exploratory study of the views of a sample of bank managers Iraqi government and private in the provinces of Karbala - Babylon

ali kathim hussain alshurafi


The research topic is concentrated on the relationship and impact between strategic thinking and the quality of banking service. The objective of this research to identify the elements of strategic thinking and its role in achieving the quality of banking service. The research was based on a range of sources and scientific literature which is concerned with the subject. The sample was selected from unintended government and private banks. Focused aspects of research to highlight the importance of the elements of strategic thinking and the adoption of Siebel and the development of abilities and skills managers of banks and their vision toward providing the best banking services to its customers. Avohdvt-resolution form was used and distributed (40) were private sector banks and the government. The most prominent results Aalbges that there are weaknesses and deficiencies in the use of modern techniques and the lack of financial support and Hsrenasr strategic thinking, however, the upper levels of the departments of banks, the fact that they operate in the same environment of Iraq and each of its goals in the provision of banking services. The researcher recommends the need to promote the concepts of strategic thinking to the managers to contribute to providing the best banking services to community service.

(Organizational climate and its impact on the pressures of work) survey of the views of a sample of individuals working in the Iraqi government banks (Rafidain and Rasheed) In the holy city of Karbala

mohammad jabar hadi althalimi


Study examined the relationship and impact between organizational climate and the stressors of work, aimed at identifying the causes of the stressors of work and create a climate appropriate organizational personnel, and to help them to overcome the stressor to work for them, leading to the employees feel good about the work, thus increasing the efficiency of productivity in work, and the study was based on to a set of references and scientific sources, which focused on the subject. Was chosen as a sample landing of personnel in government banks in the province of Karbala, have been focused aspects of the study highlight the importance and dimensions of organizational climate and its role in reducing the level of pressure at work, was the use of form-resolution and distribution (72) sample of individuals working in government banks, Among the most prominent results weaknesses and deficiencies in the use of scientific techniques used in modern banks researched, although the subjects are facing stressors outweigh their potential, which negatively affects the performance of the work in terms of quality and fast delivery. The researcher recommended attention to the organizational climate by building the organizational culture provides the administrative leadership in banks, reflected in their behavior and work as a tool to overcome the stressors' of work and access to outstanding performance.