ISSN: 1818-1074

Volume 6, Issue 23

Volume 6, Issue 23, Spring 2009, Page 1-301

Analysis of the relationship between governance mechanisms and performance indicators of business organizations - An Empirical Study in the Iraqi market for securities

hakim mohsin mohammad


Abstract is the mechanisms of governance controls ruler of conduct and ethics of business organizations and the goal is to walk the right path that connects these organizations to achieve their goals without deviations, reflecting that raised the performance of business organizations in a positive way if what has been the application of these controls tightly and comes research as a serious contribution on this road, as it underwent a series of private sector companies for research and study curriculum according to sound science and research concluded a set of conclusions and recommendations.

Identify the challenges facing the management information systems using the analytic hierarchy - an analytical study in a sample of industrial organizations in Nasiriyah

abduladhim darefish jabbar


Facing sections of information systems, significant challenges have their origin rapid changes in information technology, making managed bear large burdens, and to impose them prepare for the future, prediction, and one approaches adopted to identify such challenges and concerns was to seek the views of the managers concerned about what they believe is a challenge to them in the future . Therefore, the present study aims to sort the challenges expected to face management information systems in industrial companies in the city of Nasiriyah, arranged in order of priority from the viewpoint of the research sample. And the researcher personal interview and re-form questionnaire for this purpose included the fifteen paragraph each of which represents a challenge is expected to face relevant to information management in the organizations under study in the coming years, chosen to sample eight challenges of the anticipated challenges contained in the questionnaire, arranged according to priority using analysis hierarchy and in the following manner: (dependence on external sources to develop information systems (referral), and the availability of qualified human resources management information systems, and recognizing the importance of system partition information, and provide the infrastructure for information and communication technology and the use of information technology to achieve competitive advantage and change management and integration between IT strategy and the organization's strategy and strategic planning for information systems) was discussed in the course of the study connotations and implications of these challenges and concluded that the most important recommendations researcher believes they represent the steps to ease the brunt and solutions prior to it.

Kinetic analysis of the functions of supply and demand

mohsan abdullah hassan


Going research within the framework of theoretical and applied the kinetic analysis of the economic variables using the methods of measuring the economic and differential equations.
Research focused on the theoretical and practical analysis of supply and demand functions are used the standard method to determine the parameters of demand and supply functions. Was then synthesized with the use of differential equations to arrive at the final results.
Was reached great results confirmed the importance of using these methods in the analysis.

The emergence and effectiveness of administrative decision

ali yusef mohammad


Is the administrative decisions of great importance in the activity of business organizations because the administrative decision as a base of control and governance and control over the activity of the organization as it is effective as of the date of issuance and lead to the marked events as positive and legitimacy of the implications of every administrative decision issued by the administration that is gaining legitimacy from the law the reason for their existence and legitimacy and confirms the legitimacy of the decisions of the competent court in the state in Jordan is the High Court of Justice of Jordan is the competent authority shall consider the legality of administrative decisions issued in the event of a dispute concerning the type, nature and consequences of administrative decisions issued by the departments of business organizations in Jordan and comes research modest contribution to the origination and entry into force behind the decision of the administrative and research to a set of conclusions and recommendations.

The impact of e-marketing elements of the marketing mix of banking service From the perspective of banking management

darman sulaiman sadeq; akef yusef mohammad


The world today revolution immense in the field of information and communication technology, has brought about this revolution, dramatic changes in many of the business in general and banking in particular has had a marketing mix elements of the service banking share in this change, as influenced by those elements of marketing mail as one of the secretions of revolution information and communication technology, it must be noted here that most of the marketing operations, e-banking is done through electronic technology such as Internet and Extranet and mobile devices and means of telecommunications and other technologies other, also to be noted that electronic marketing does not mean that electronic shopping or e-commerce, as The e-marketing is a series of functions specialized marketing, and the entrance to a comprehensive is not limited to trade in goods and services, but represents the best use of the techniques of digital to improve the performance of the organization as a whole. Thus, after the e-marketing on the productivity of marketing by reducing the costs of providing banking services to their beneficiaries at a rate of 50 - 85% of marketing costs overall, and marketing electronic effect on the data marketing and information, especially in market studies and marketing research and surveys Alra and to identify the needs and desires of customers and preferences of target markets quickly and accurately, and the addition to the above, we find that the e-marketing has had its impact on the re-engineering processes Marketing in relation to product development and operations management, marketing and management to retain customers and strengthen the relationship with them. Thus we find that the e-marketing has had a impact on all elements of marketing mix of banking service we may find that the product banking affected in terms of design, production and access to instant information in a timely the real model as well as the use of pre-testing of the product and other details will be mentioned by the other when addressing them in detail.

Redeployment of technical cadres of the ruling in the professions - a quantitative model for managing intellectual capital in the coefficient of the General Company for ready-made clothes ()

moayad abdulhussain alfathal


Address search to the problem of managing intellectual capital or the so-called asset-knowledge that is in you need the productive work of the cadres of technical and administrative control in the joints essential to the productive process, known as the professions of the ruling, as it displays the researcher a method quantitatively is on the basis of trade-off between relying on what is Available from the cadres of technical, administrative or transfers from external sources, as a result of the emergence of a need for them when a new product or develop an existing product, comes in response to external stimuli that produced the new world order and the evolution of consumer desires, as it requires is here the change in the system and the quality of production.

Rent source of funding Rooms exploited the required level in the rural sample of developing countries

raghd mohammad najm; maitham rabee hadi; nagham hossain neema


Often "Matvtqr rural enterprises, agricultural and non-agricultural, for access to long-term credit needed for the acquisition of capital assets so as to not possess the required guarantees. Most assets owned by rural enterprises can not be used as collateral, as that land titles are often non-existent, and movable assets like cattle organisms and materials inventory can not be used by law "as collateral. and the rent is a financing instrument that overcome these obstacles. In the lease has leased assets and allows the tenant of use in return for periodic payments. For most rural enterprises, the lease be a tool as well" for the purchase of assets (and not just use) ownership transferred to the tenant is often the end of the lease, whether the "automatic" or for a nominal fee. So This study aims to explore the importance and the possibility of leasing as a financing instrument to help rural enterprises to obtain assets that enhance productivity. To achieve this goal, analyzed the Importance of rent in the rural environment and see the experience and practice of a sample of companies that provide services for rent in rural areas. has also done research, comprehensive review of the advantages and risks and enabling environment for the development of the rental sector in rural developing countries. came out research with a number of conclusions of the most important: 1. that the rent is very important " as a tool for rural finance. and because of the increasing mechanization of agriculture in many countries and the increasing importance and the needs of industry, agriculture, the industrial and service sectors in rural areas provide a market "natural for rent. There are many parties providing services rental projects of rural agricultural and non-agricultural. It includes leasing companies and Mjhezwa equipment and agricultural cooperatives organizations and microfinance. but nevertheless, the rental sector in most developing countries is below the level of development required and provide services for rent in rural areas is very limited. "The lack of the legal framework is clear and legislation radical and accounting policies inadequate and Blog tax biased against the rent charged mostly development and the development of the rental sector. In addition, the very small number "of lessors have the experience to work in rural areas. 2. that the lease for the benefit of both parties, landlord and tenant, and with legal and regulatory environment supportive and encouraging, it offers the landlords Mentoja" attractive "to finance fixed assets and the funding mechanism has reduced transaction costs and risk management. and across the lease be possible for tenants allocation of scarce financial resources to capital investment, new in the process of rapid contribute directly to increased production and revenues. The research was presented a number" of the recommendations of the most important need for concerted efforts at the level of international institutions (especially "The World Bank and IFC) and the regional organizations and companies, as well as at the level of local governments to support and enhance the rental sector in the rural areas of developing countries.

The Effect of Removable Partial Denture and Salivary Changes during Pregnancy

asaad kathim nayef


Paper discusses the possibility of applying cost of quality in order to reduce total costs in the company sample to achieve the lowest cost advantage. Research stems from the fundamental questions is the research problem to be answered: - - Does the organization Pklv interest is reflected positively on the quality reduce the total costs? - Does that reduce the cost of non-compliance [failure of internal and external] is an indicator of lower total costs? - Is the interest Pklv matching [Prevention & E] is reflected positively on reducing the cost of non-compliance [failure of internal and external]. the researcher to the most important set of conclusions: - - A trace of the total cost of Conformity costs. - Pklv matching that interest is reflected positively on the cost of non-compliance.

System of information security in business organizations with a proposed model to meet the threats of the system

amal abid mohammad ali


Contribute to information technologies in the policy-making performance in the organization, and reflect the hallmark of today's world, and is the index of the survival and success of organizations, so it became information security topics vital to the fact that any information system is exposed to many potential threats and this requires the creation of effective system to protect the information. The research subject of information security in business organizations and potential threats facing it with the presentation of a proposed model included the steps to create the system and procedures to meet the threats of the system, and conclude Find a set of recommendations, which may be considered Kmttlebatt necessary to apply the mechanism of protection of information in our organizations of Iraq in order to ensure the confidentiality of information, and integration of , availability, and integrity of their content, and determine the responsibility of the holder.

Entrance costs on the basis of activities and its role in determining the optimal production mix - a comparative study between the entrance and the entrance of the traditional cost-based activities

mohammad wafe abbas


Crystallize the problem of this research is that dependence on the entrance of traditional document to the size in the allocation of additional costs to units produced leads to load the modules produced an unfair share of the additional costs, and thus distort the cost per unit for each product, and this will lead the administration to choose the mix of productive changed to profitable It will focus on efforts to improve operations in the wrong, and the consequent substantial reduction in the profitability of the company.
The objective of this research is to show the role of the entrance costs are based on real activities in the selection of the optimal mix of production and its comparison with the traditional entrance.
This research was based on the premise that background, "that the introduction of entrance costs based on activities in the preparation of cost information leading to the provision of appropriate information management enables the selection of the true optimal production mix."
The section of this research into paragraphs dealt with Introduction and research methodology, and a statement of the entrance of the traditional cost, then a statement to the entrance of the cost on the basis of activities in terms of the concept and advantages of the entrance of the cost on the basis of activities, and steps of the application of the entrance of the cost on the basis of activities, then a paragraph of the portion applied was the description of the problem, then formulate the problem in a manner of linear programming in the entrance of the traditional, and then find the optimal solution of the problem and its interpretation, then the formulation of the problem method of linear programming in the entrance costs on the basis of activities, then find the optimal solution of the problem and its interpretation, was then compared to the results in the entrance of the traditional and the entrance costs on the basis of activities, then the most important statement of the results that have been reached and the presentation of the most important recommendations of the proposed

Impact of innovation on the marketing methods used in promoting hotel services marketing - a field study in a number of hotels in the province of Arbil

mahabat nori abdullah


This research aims to know the concept of marketing innovation and its importance in the field of hotel services, and methods for innovation in the promotion of services and access to models of innovation in this field, and formed the research sample of administrative staff (88 people were administratively) in the five hotels famous in the province of Erbil (Arbil), and the results showed that the departments of hotels do not bother to provide innovative capabilities when selecting candidates for the different functions in this regard, as there is no division or a special section with marketing, even though the application of marketing activities in hotels all, and despite the attention of departmental development and staff development promoting the service through advertising and public relations concern.

Evaluation of the effect of sodium hypochlorite on the transverse strength of acrylic denture base resin

abdulhussain jasim mohammad


The policy of the legal reserve of the monetary policy instruments quantitative indirect influence on the performance of commercial banks by the monetary policy pursued by the central bank as to whether the expansion or contraction, so the research on the analysis of the impact of the proportion of the legal reserve on all of the indicators of profitability, liquidity and capital adequacy. and using the annual reports of the Arab Bank for the period (1997 - 2004) was extracted percentages represent indicators of the performance of the Arab Bank was tested significant results using statistical analysis (ANOVA), containing the coefficient of determination (R2) and test (F) and test (T). Based on the results of the analysis was reached (that proportion of the legal reserve significant effect on the two indicators of profitability and capital adequacy, while significant effect on the index and only one of the indicators of liquidity without the other, represented by the liquidity legal). Therefore, the most important recommended by the researcher is (that the Central Bank of Jordan followers of other policy with the policy of the legal reserve ratio such as issuing certificates of deposit, for example, sale of commercial banks to absorb liquidity).