ISSN: 1818-1074

Keywords : Effect

The impact of knowledge management in organizational Altgeyer - An Empirical Study in the form of technical education

saab abid jabir


Research was based on two variables key interact between them to form the framework of philosophical him these two variables are knowledge management and organizational change has started from the problem expressed by a number of questions aimed to answer them elucidate the philosophy theory and goals of intellectual for those variables being the subjects of modern Arab environment in general and the Iraqi environment private and then diagnose their relationships and their impact and consisted of a sample of the colleges Board of Technical Education, which is expected as soon as possible to the organization of knowledge has identified that the sample (26) View of those in the organizational level I and II plus to them are highly professor .. The research found a set of conclusions most notably: -
 1_-makers need to have knowledge of all the ingredients that make them eligible for this position and most importantly the ability to insight, skill and experience.
2 - are available in the organizations examined, and knowledge management processes that contribute to support the process of organizational change and an acceptable level in spite of availability, but they need to support these processes and development.
3 - to validate the hypothesis which refers to the existence of relations of association and effect between variables, gaining variable application of knowledge at the highest value of the link and this indicates that the processes of knowledge is the core of improving the management of knowledge. What happened to changing the organizational structure through several organizational change on the value of link high and that as this structure represents the holders of the change in the college