ISSN: 1818-1074

Keywords : Organizational Conflict

The Intermediary Effect of Organizational Chaos in the Relationship between Organizational Conflict and Psychological Empowerment


This study aims at determining the intermediary effect of organizational chaos in determining the quality of the relationship between organizational conflict and psychological empowerment. Due to the increasing cases of organizational conflict at Karbala University and the emergence of cases of chaos at many faculties, researchers have to conduct this study.
Methodology: The descriptive method was used to measure the study variables. The sample of the study included the Master and doctorate Degree holders in all the faculties of Karbala University. The sample was randomly selected. It included 332 of the study population (1711) . A number of statistical methods were used, such as measuring exploration factor and effect relationships between the variables of the study.
Findings: The study found that the organizational conflict affects the increasing of the organizational chaos with a small significant level. It was found, also, that the organizational chaos affect two dimensions of psychological empowerment. Moreover, there was a relationship between the organizational conflict and decreasing the psychological empowerment.
Organizational values: The studies, which considered the conflict and the organizational chaos, have not been applied to universities, however this sector suffers from conflicts at all levels, may be as a result of intense competition. When viewing previous researches, we did not notice the application of these three variables, which has a significant effect on the outputs of academic work.
Future researches can benefit from this study in studying each dimension of conflict, measuring its direct effect on the dimensions of psychological empowerment, as well as studying the positive effect of the conflict and the creative chaos.