ISSN: 1818-1074

Author : Beelil nore Saeed, M

Comparative Study ;-Banks hazards in possessing Capitol expenditure effect between Jordanian , Kuwaiti and Rajah investment banks .

Abdul Hussein Jisem; M Beelil nore Saeed


Banking is not only important , but it is the essential base for every financial system in any country . It has a great role in developing any country economically and socially and pushing it forward through getting money from individuals and investing it in various owned ways , the most important source on which the bank depends is the capital in addition to other sources such as deposits the owned capital is the storage to which the bank resort just in case of crises or sudden events due to the bank work represented by the various banking risks , therefore , it is ready and to face any risks that it might undergo through varying activating its financing sources and varying its investments so as to reduce the degree of risk . So the study analyze the owned capital through analyzation of its special remarks and analyzation of banking risk by using its special measures . Then the study do it with choosing of hypothesis by using the statistic measures ( ANOVA ) which includes the choice of ( F ) and ( T ) and coefficient of determination ( R2 ) , the period of this research ( 2003 – 2006 ) .
What has been concluded in the present study is that two of the four owned capital sufficiency rates have a greater immaterial effect on the Rajhi bank for investment , whereas in the case of the Kuwaiti-Jordanian bank no immaterial tic effect has been found on the risk rates although the two banks were equal in capital sufficiency rates with a clear rise in banking risks rates for the former compared with the latter . The researchers recommend that it is necessary to give importance and activation to this financing source in addition to other various sources so as to reduce the degree of risk that the bank might undergo in different environmental developments